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DinnerTime aims to help, albeit by the somewhat draconian method of locking a childs device for a set period of time. It can also be used for bedtime, revision-time or any other time you deem necessary. Spydy Contacts (Free + IAP) Spydy is apparently a social launchpad and people organiser presumably for people whose social life remains defiantly land-bound and whose friends are un-organised. It promises a visual revamp of your contacts app, puling in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with group messaging included. Peugeot Music (Free) The challenge of music discovery helping people find new songs or rediscover old favourites in streaming music services is being talked about a lot in the music industry.
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Best SMS apps for Android – AndroidPIT

chat sms messaging

Paulo Trezentos, Aptoides co-founder and CEO, says they are struggling to grow, even to survive because he claims Google is systematically creating obstacles for users to install third-party app stores. Get this: Aptoide says it conducted a small focus group of users which found, it took 10 steps to install the Aptoide app store on Android version 2.1 and 80% of the users could do it. Version 2.3 required 13 steps and 45% managed it. Version 4.0 required 14 steps and only 20% completed the installation. So if this is true it looks like Google is intentionally screwing over 3rd party app stores, contrary to its so-called open ecosystem policies. Any new installation requires unknown sources approvals.
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Third Party Android App Store Files EU Antitrust Complaint | TechCrunch

With Parallels Access 2.0, iOS devices get a file browser that’s similar to Spotlight on the Mac. Image: Parallels Since desktop apps aren’t often designed for fingertips, Parallels compensates with SmartTap, which estimates where you really wanted to click when tapping around menus and toolbars. To help in that regard, the Android version uses a magnifying glass similar to the one native in iOS. To use the software effectively, you can’t let the PC or Mac you’re trying to access go into sleep mode.
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Parallels Access 2.0: Windows and Mac Apps Land on Android, iPhone

Parallels Access file browser

What Handcent lacks in style it makes up for in function. There’s themes too though! / AndroidPIT/Handcent Handcent SMS INSTALL hello SMS On the other end of the style spectrum, hello SMS is one of the best looking SMS apps I’ve ever seen. Slick, clean and minimal, hello SMS is the style guru’s SMS app. The app has a super simple tab setup, so you’ll get your friends profile pics and names on the left and you simply swipe out the conversation tab. You can do all the same tings you can with most other SMS apps, of course, but the truly unique thing about hello SMS is just how much it manages to do without looking heavy or bloated.
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