Amazon Appstore Today Houses Over 240,000 Android Apps

Best Android Apps for Kids

math Available in around 200 countries, Amazon Appstore in the second-biggest Android application store after Google Play. Available via a simple download from Amazon website , it allows the users to access Android applications on devices regardless of the manufacturer or availability of Google apps. Also, the great selection of apps makes the store a nice replacement for Google Play in various markets and on-devices, which dont have access to Google Play. Amazon states that not only consumers, even the developers are having a good time with its Appstore. Developers tell us that they experience improved reach, greater monetization, and, oftentimes, higher revenue when they have their apps and games in the Amazon Appstore, said Mike George, Vice President of Amazon Appstore and Games. But this is just the beginningwere building more services and capabilities for developers and more Android-based APIs based on their feedback. Most Android apps just work on Kindle Fire, and with an Appstore made for Android devices, Amazons Appstore can help developers distribute their apps on Android devices all over the world.
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Android Malware Scanner: Avast app kills ransomware for free | BGR

This new enhanced story app includes tap-and-play animations on every page, hilarious special effects and entertaining games. Grimms Bookshelf Free All ages Grimms Bookshelf is a convenient one-stop destination for 3D interactive fairy tale pop-up books.StoryToys specialises in bringing fairy tales into the digital world while retaining the substance and tactility of real books. Grimms Bookshelf enables you toread classic stories to your kids with fun visuals. Cars 2 Read and Race $4.99 All ages Start your engines! Read along as Lightning McQueen and the worlds top racers power through the streets of Tokyo, Japan; Porto Corsa, Italy; London, England, and Radiator Springs in this original story. Your child can even customize the race cars and teams that will appear in the story. Red in Bed $0.99 All ages Red In Bed is an original story about the colors of the rainbow who cover for Red while heis sick. It is written, illustrated and developed by an interaction designer who wanted to keep the simplicity of a classic childrens book while adding a layer of gentle interactivity to help involve the child in the narrative directly.
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Third Party Android App Store Files EU Antitrust Complaint | TechCrunch

“Mobile has become an absolutely vital part of IMDb’s platform. Our mobile website and apps have received an average of more than 300 million visits per month since Jan. 1, 2014,” said Col Needham, IMDb’s founder and CEO. “To continue to feed the appetites of our mobile users, we’ve just released several exciting new features for movie lovers within our iOS and Android app updates. The one I am personally most excited about, which I expect to use obsessively, is our new iOS ‘Times’ feature which makes it trivially easy to plan a movie outing and conveniently buy tickets based on the criteria that matter most to movie lovers.” IMDb’s iOS App Update Beginning today, an update (available through the iTunes App Store) to IMDb’s popular iOS app includes “Times,” a dynamic new feature within the Showtimes section that was designed to help movie lovers find and buy tickets to movies they’ll love to watch in theaters based on critical factors including the time they want to leave for the theater or want the movie to start or end, as well as the movie’s genre, MPAA rating or IMDb user rating. To learn more and download IMDb’s free, updated iOS app, go to: . IMDb’s Android App Update Beginning today, an update (available through Google Play and the Amazon Appstore) to IMDb’s popular Android app includes new “Watch” icons throughout the app to help customers quickly learn which movies and TV shows can be watched now and where (in theaters, on TV, on Amazon or on Prime Instant Video).
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IMDb Announces More Than 100 Million App Downloads, iOS & Android App Updates – BWWMoviesWorld

It has 72.4 percent of the smartphone market share (according to Kantar) which is a nice to have but not so nice when it attracts attention from Europes notoriously muscular competition authorities. Its now facing new accusations of anti-competitive behaviour in mobile, (its separately being scrutinised for its dominance of online search). Aptoide a Portuguese company that runs a third party apps marketplace claims Google is abusing its dominant position to push users away from app stores that compete with Google Play. Yesterday it filed a complain with European Union regulators. It claims that Google creates obstacles for users to install third-party app stores, links essential services with Google Play (thus blocking, again, these third-party app stores), and blocks access to Aptoide websites in its Chrome Web browser. Paulo Trezentos, Aptoides co-founder and CEO, says they are struggling to grow, even to survive because he claims Google is systematically creating obstacles for users to install third-party app stores. Get this: Aptoide says it conducted a small focus group of users which found, it took 10 steps to install the Aptoide app store on Android version 2.1 and 80% of the users could do it. Version 2.3 required 13 steps and 45% managed it.
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If the owner wishes to decrypt his or her data, a ransom is demanded. But now, thanks to Avast, there is a free way to fight Simplocker and regain control of your data without having to pay hackers a dime. Avast on Tuesday announced the availability of its new Avast Ransomware Removal app for Android. As the name suggests, the tool can be used to remove ransomware from an infected Android device. Simplocker blocks access to files stored on mobile devices. Without our free ransomware-removal tool, infected users have to pay $21 to regain access to their personal files, said Avast COO Ondrej Vlcek.
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