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Android notifications and apps coming to Google’s Chromebooks | Ars Technica

Their tool, called PlayDrone, was designed to hack Play and the apps uploaded to it, circumventing the security systems Google put in place to prevent that sort of thing, the researchers revealed in a paper recently published by a prestigious computer analysis society, ACM Sigmetrics. The goal was to find out what kinds of security problems Android apps tend to have. And, after looking at over 1 million apps between June 2013, and November 2013, they discovered a widespread problem that revealed people’s Facebook accounts, as well as others like Twitter, Bitly, Flickr, Foursquare, Linkedin, and Google+. App developers were putting their “secret” key information in the app itself. That’s like writing your PIN on your ATM card. Or posting your Facebook password on your public Facebook wall. It might be a convenient place to store such info, but not a safe one. Many developers were even labeling those secret keys with the word “secret” or “private.” To be fair, this problem wasn’t caused by Google, but by the app developers who post their apps in Google Play. In fact, the researchers say that Google stopped the problem by using PlayDrone to scan apps and telling developers to remove secret keys when they find them.
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Google’s Android Auto joins the growing number of infotainment systems in the connected car — Tech News and Analysis

The troubling data could account for some of Androids lower-than-Apple revenue share of the app marketplace. The 19% figure is based on all in-app purchase (IAP) data on Android platforms in the month of May. The analysis was limited solely to apps that include in-app purchases as an option, with IAPs being strictly defined as those fulfilled via the Google Play store. This still left over 50 apps in the analysis and the revenue events cover millions of users. Using Swrves fraud filter technology all local revenue events were verified against Google Play receipts and thus determined as valid or invalid (or fraudulent). For app developers seeking a safe haven for revenue, this data might come as a disappointment. Likewise, Swrves Mobile OS Report shows that Apple is still dominating monetization when it comes to app usage. For in-app purchases, apps on iOS deliver 45% more revenue per user than Android.
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Nearly 1 in 5 Android download photos grid in-app purchases are fraudulent – Inside Mobile Apps

Much like using Android apps, making an Android phone merely communicates the message Microsoft doesnt have faith in its OS which alienates potential customers and developers creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Nokia Lumia 630 easily confused with the X and X2 Instead this is what Microsoft should be doing: Push affordable Windows Phone handsets to developing countries Not Android Windows 8.1 already scales brilliantly to slower hardware and it delivers a silky smooth experience on the Nokia Lumia 630 a $159 handset (without contract) that is every bit as good as the much heralded Motorola E . temple run 2 for computer free download After all Microsoft is using Android 4.3 on its X Series anyway and this doesnt even have the performance efficiencies introduced in Android 4.4. Unite the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app stores to create developer momentum Updates to both platforms mean apps are almost fully compatible, but while a unified store is planned Microsoft is moving far too slowly in making it happen. Separately neither platform has inspired developers, but combined the market reach is huge. Driving its own app development is a far better plan long term than scavenging off Android.
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Why Microsoft Adopting Android Is Dangerous And Stupid – Forbes

Nokia_X2_Banner The notification integration isn’t just limited to incoming phone calls and text messages. “My phone was in my pocket and running out of battery and my Chromebook popped up a notification and download temple run 2 for pc free full version said, ‘your phone is running out of battery,'” Google Senior VP Sundar Pichai said during the Google I/O keynote. Google also plans to let Android applications run across both phones and Chromebooks. “One thing that struck us is wouldn’t it be nice if you could get some of your favorite Android applications, which you love on your phone, on your Chromebook,” Pichai said. Google showed off the Evernote, Vine, and Flipboard Android apps running on a Chromebook. These features aren’t available yet, but will presumably show up in the next version of Android .
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Questions or searches put to Google Now are all answered via spoken voice, so drivers dont have to read text on screen. The messaging client not only composes messages via voice commands but reads all text back to the driver so he or she never has to look at the screen. wireless router amplifier booster And of course Maps, one of the most used Google apps in the car, gets a custom interface that looks more like an embedded navigation system. Google Maps in Android Auto (photo: Janko Roettgers) Its still unclear whether all apps on your phone will transfer over to the dash display, but my bet is they wont. Google and its automaker partners dont want you watching Netflix while youre in the drivers seat. Instead, the company will likely limit the program only to Android Auto optimized apps. Brady announced some of Android Autos first developer partners, which include Joyride, Stitcher, MLB At Bat, Pandora, TuneIn, Umano, PocketCasts, and iHeartRadio. Google is launching an SDK as part of the new L operating systems big batch of new application programming interfaces .
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